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Deprecated and Discontinued Features in SQL Server

Randolph West takes a look at my favorite activity: deleting code:

The following statements are true:

– SQL Server 2019 does not have any deprecated features, but does have discontinued features
– SQL Server 2017 does not have any discontinued features, but does have deprecated features
– SQL Server 2016 has both deprecated and discontinued features

Let’s discuss the difference between deprecated and discontinued features, and explain how this affects database administrators looking to move to SQL Server 2016 or newer. My current advice is to target SQL Server 2019 with at least Cumulative Update 2 (CU2).

Read on for more details.


    • Kevin Feasel
      Kevin Feasel2020-03-10

      Yeah, that’s a good point. This particular CU is worth sitting out on and waiting for the next.

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