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Multi-Server Diagnostics with dbatools

Gianluca Sartori shows how we can collect diagnostic information from multiple SQL Server instances by way of dbatools:

What I really love about PowerShell is how simple it is to filter, extend and manipulate tabular data using the pipeline, in a way that resonates a lot with the experience of T-SQL developers.

The main part of the script is the one that invokes all the diagnostic queries included in the list $queries. This is done by invoking the cmdlet Invoke-DbaDiagnosticQuery, that takes care of using a version of the diagnostic query that matches the version of the target server and selecting the data. As usual with dbatools, the -SqlInstance parameter accepts a list of servers, so you can pass in the list of all the SQL Servers in your infrastructure.

Gianluca has a GitHub repo for the script and explains it in more detail as well.