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Multi-Level Unpivoting with Power Query

Teo Lachev shows us how you can unpivot multiple columns in Excel using Power Query:

The user wants to unpivot the data by rotating the three header rows (Scenario Type, Month, and Year) from columns to rows. The issue is that the headers span three rows. If you just select these columns and unpivot, you’ll end up with a mess. And Power Query operates on row at the time so you can’t reference previous rows, such as to concatenate Scenario, Month, and Year. We can do the concatenation in Excel so we have one row with column headers, such as Actuals-Jan-2018, Actuals-Feb-2018, and so on, which we can easily unpivot in Power Query. But if we can’t or don’t want to modify the Excel file, such as to avoid the same steps every time a new file comes in?

Click through for a sample file which shows how you can do this.