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When Scans are Superior to Seeks

Brent Ozar shows that index seeks are not always better than index scans:

Somewhere along the way in your career, you were told that:
– Index seeks are quick, lightweight operations
– Table scans are ugly, slow operations

And ever since, you’ve kept an eye on your execution plans looking for those performance-intensive clustered index scans. When you see ’em, you go root ’em out, believing you’ve got a performance problem.

Thing is, … they lied to you. Seeks aren’t necessarily good, nor are scans necessarily bad. To straighten you out, we’re going to walk through a series of demos.

The rule of thumb I like to use is: if you need to go through more than 20% of the data, you’re generally better off scanning. If you need to go through less than 0.5% of the data, you’re generally better off seeking. Everything in between is the “it depends” zone.