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Fixing Transaction Logs Having Too Many Virtual Log Files

Max Vernon has a script to reduce the number of virtual log files you have in your transaction log:

The script shrinks the existing log file down to the smallest size possible, then grows it back to the prior size using a sensible growth increment. If the database is in simple recovery model, the script runs a checkpoint command to attempt to force transaction log truncation before growing the file. If the database is in full recovery model, one or more transaction log backups are taken to the NUL: device, in addition to the checkpoint operation, to allow the necessary transaction log truncation to occur. Ensure you take and test a full backup of all databases you run this script against, prior to running the script. For databases in full recovery model, you’ll need to take a database backup after the script runs since the prior log chain will be broken by the log backups that have been take to the NUL: device.

Click through for an important warning as well as the script itself.