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Cloudera Data Platform

Alex Woodie reports on the new Cloudera’s business plan:

“Once we’ve delivered that and got past it, we then want to get to a second subsequent version, which you can start to upgrade and migrate to, and that will be the go-forward platform,” he said. “Obviously the key part of CDP is delivering not just the workloads you have today but new and intuitive experiences around key workloads such as data warehousing, data flow, the edge or streaming, AI and machine learning.”
The company also announced that CDH 5.x and 6.x and HDP 3.x will be supported through January 2022, which is in-line with previous guidance the company has given. This company believes that three years is plenty of time for customers to plan their migration paths from older CDH and HDP versions to the unified CDP product. Support for HDP 2.x will end before that time.

Also of interest: the integration of Hortonworks Data Flow into CDH and Cloudera Data Science Workbench into HDP.