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Configuring Snapshot Replication

Nisarg Upadhyay shows us how to configure snapshot replication:

On the next screen, configure the SQL Agent security. To configure the Agent security, click the Security Settings button. The Snapshot Agent Security dialog box opens. In the dialog box, provide the account under which the subscriber connects to the publisher. Moreover, provide the account information under which the SQL Server agent job will be executed. For this demo, SQL Server jobs are executed under the SQL server agent service account, hence select the Run under the SQL Server Agent service account option. Subscribers will be connected to the publisher using SQL login, hence select the Using the following SQL Server login option and provide SQL login and password. In this demo, connect using the sa login. Click OK to close the dialog box and Click Next.

Snapshot replication is the easiest to get right, but most of the setup is the same for transactional or merge replication.