Temporary Stored Procedures

Jana Sattainathan discusses temporary stored procedures:

The real benefit of these procedures is when they contain lot of logic that you need on a temporary basis but do not want to clutter the existing stored procedure list. You could even have multiple temporary procedures that call each other. I would not go overboard with this. It is just a convenience.

I don’t often see these in use; when I’ve seen them, they’re in environments in which normal stored procedure create rights are locked down and you want to do something as a one-off (like testing an operation against production data).  In other words, those sketchy things that we don’t admit to each other that we do…

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  • Jana Sattainathan on 2016-10-20

    I agree with the dirty aspect! I too only use it for testing lest that I leave real stored procedures (used in testing) behind.

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