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Category: Purview

Understanding Purview Pricing

Rolf Tesmer disambiguates:

Like all services in Azure, there’s associated costs when using the service, and naturally Microsoft Purview is no different. If interested in reading the standard pricing model for Microsoft Purview it has been outlined here – and follows a similar layout to all Azure price models.

However – as a result of such a broad range of capabilities, its pricing model is one of the more difficult to understand!

Read on for a PDF which hits the various charges you’ll see.

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Purview Access Policies and SQL Server 2022

Srdan Bozovic links Purview and SQL Server 2022:

The focus of this article is on using Microsoft Purview to enable access to user data as well as specific system metadata in SQL Server 2022 running on Azure Arc–enabled servers.

With the SQL Server 2022 release, the goal is to enable three main scenarios:

– Browsing data in user-defined tables and views.

– Performance monitoring with system commands, functions, and views.

– Security auditing with security-related system functions and views.

If Azure Arc-enabled servers are required for Purview to work, I think that will seriously hinder uptake.

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Microsoft Purview

Wolfgang Strasser looks at Microsoft Purview:

I was ready for a nice relaxing evening today, when an email appeared in my inbox “Azure Purview is now Microsoft Purview!”

Initially I thought… yeah.. “just another Microsoft product name renaming” .. but when I read through it more in depth I found out, that this is NOT just a renaming.

Read on to understand what it includes.

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Azure Purview Workflows in Public Preview

Victoria Holt makes note of an improvement to Purview:

Azure Purview Workflows moved to Public Preview 10 March.  This functionality enables customers to orchestrate the create, update and delete operations of data entities, have validation, and approval of these data entities using repeatable business processes.

The benefit of using Purview workflows is higher quality data, policy compliance, user collaboration, and change tracking awareness across the organization.

Read on for more information about how workflows currently work.

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Azure Purview Announcements

Wolfgang Strasser looks at some of the new Azure Purview announcements:

For me, Data lineage is one of those fascinating techniques to better understand your data estate and get a better knowledge how systems are connected and what data flows are there in your data landscape.

Lineage was there in Azure Purview since the beginning (Azure Data Factory, SSIS lineage, Power BI) but this week another very important part of data lineage was put into public preview: Dynamic Lineage Extraction from Azure SQL Databases.

Read on for more information.

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Moving Azure Purview Sources between Collections

Wolfgang Strasser has a future review of past activities:

Yesterday, Andy Cutler (t) asked me on twitter, if the move of a registered source between collections is possible.

My first answer was, yes sure… And I also included a screenshot from one of my Purview accounts (which – this will be important in the following – is a legacy Purview account).

But – tech isn’t tech without some differentiation between versions and available options

Read the whole thing.

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The Purview Data Map

Angela Henry wraps up a series:

Welcome to the final installment of our Azure Purview Series, focusing on Purview Data Map. The Purview Data Map is the foundation for data discovery and serves as the jumping-off point for all things data source related. It is the cloud-native platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that collects the metadata about your data sources and runs the scans to keep your metadata up to date.

Click through to see what’s available in Data Map and information on how to kick off and view scans.

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Troubleshooting Microsoft.Purview not Registered

Wolfgang Strasser investigates an issue:

In my last Azure Purview Quickstart video (#3 – Create an Azure Purview Account – link), I’ve shown you how to create a new Azure Purview account.

And what pre-prepared demos have in common, well – it “just” works there 

BUT: there are some requirements that need to be configured beforehand, in order to create an Azure Purview Account.

Basically, problems during the creation process can be listed to:

– Security / permissions

– Missing Resource providers

Read on to learn more about permissions requirements and how to deal with these issues as they arise.

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Scanning and Classification with Azure Purview

Angela Henry continues a series on Azure Purview:

In our previous article for this series, Purview Part 2: Data Catalog, we examined the portion of the end user experience where people will spend the majority of their time. But the question is, how does that Data Catalog get populated? The Data Catalog is populated by the Scanning and Classification features of Purview, which is the focus of this article.

Click through to see what you need to set up and how the process works.

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