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Category: Power Apps

Converting XLS Files to XLSX with Power Automate

Erik Svensen shows how you can create a Power Automation flow to convert old-style Excel files (in .xls format) to newer-style Excel files (.xlsx) via a web service:

In the scenario I will use a trigger when an e-mail is received and use a rest API provided by

OBS – This is a paid service where you pay by the minute the conversion takes – price from $0.02 to $0.01 per minute.

Check out the comments for some additional information about the web service, including a free tier.

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Dataflows as an Alternative to Incremental Loading in Power BI

Imke Feldmann gives us an alternative to Power BI’s incremental loading using Dataflows:

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed my interest in incremental load workarounds. It took some time before we saw the native functionality for it in Power BI and it was first released for premium workspaces only. Fortunately, we now have it for shared workspaces / pro licenses as well and it is a real live saver for scenarios where the refresh speed is an issue.

However, there is a second use case for incremental refresh scenarios that is not covered ideally with the current implementation. This is where the aim is to harvest and store data in Power BI that will become unavailable in their source in the future or one simply wants to create a track of changes in a data source. Chris Webb has beaten me to this article here and describes in great detail how that setup works. He also mentions that this is not a recommended setup, which I agree. Another disadvantage of that solution is that this harvested data is only available as a shared dataset instead of a “simple” table. This limits the use cases and might force you to set up these incremental refreshes in multiple datasets.

Read on for more information.

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