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Using Query Store to Fix a Cardinality Estimation Problem

Michael Bourgon solves an issue:

This morning I had a performance issue on a piece of code that worked long ago on a different server, and they were trying to put it in place today. ┬áIt was SLOW. Like, 10 minutes slow. With the added bonus that it’s done through a web app, so it never finishes, it just always times out. After dealing with various approaches, I finally tried using the old Cardinality Estimator, and it went from 10 minutes to 3 seconds. But the query is inside the application, it doesn’t call a stored procedure. Which means the devs changing it is Non-Trivial. So I went to an updated version of an old trick – query store hints (which used to be Plan Guides)

Click through for a list of actions Michael took.

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