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Data-Driven Report Subscriptions with Power Automate

Dan English puts together a workflow:

Being able to do a data driven report subscription with Power BI and Paginated reports is a common request we hear from many customers. Let’s say you want to send a PDF version of a report to each of your store or department managers using a set of parameter values specific to each person. In the Power BI service that is not an option, but using Power Automate you can do this.

In this post I will be using a Paginated report that is referencing data in an Azure Analysis Services database and I will be referencing an Excel file that I have in OneDrive for Business which includes the needed information for the data driven subscription with 2000 records. The Paginated report is in a workspace backed by a Power BI Embedded A-SKU (A4 – equivalent of a P1 SKU) for testing purposes and the AAS tier is an S1 (100 QPU).

Read on to see how.