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Attaching All SQL Server Data Files in a Single Directory

David Fowler migrated a bunch of databases:

Have you ever had the need to attach a large number of database in one go? There’s no way to attach multiple databases in SSMS or via script, so you’re probably going to be left with the slow, arduous task of doing them one by one.

I recently had to deal with a DR situation (I won’t go into details of what happened just yet as things are still quite sensitive, but I might look at it at some point in the future) where I faced exactly that issue. For one reason or another I needed to attach several hundred databases quickly. I didn’t fancy doing that via SSMS or script each one individually so I knocked together this script to do the job for me.

Click through for that script and instructions. Alternatively, a bit of Powershell and the right dbatools command could get you to the same result but this is good in the event that you can’t leave SSMS.