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Power BI Enhanced Refresh API and Custom Connectors

Chris Webb starts a new series:

I love the new Power BI Enhanced Refresh API: it allows you to do things like refresh individual tables in your dataset, override incremental refresh policies, control the amount of parallelismcancel refreshes and a lot more, while being easier to use than the XMLA Endpoint. However, like the XMLA Endpoint, one problem remains: how can you schedule a dataset refresh using it? One option is to create a custom connector for Power Automate (similar to what I described here for the Export API, before the Power BI export actions for Power Automate had been released): this not only allows you to schedule more complex refreshes but also gives you more flexibility over scheduling and do things like send emails if refreshes fail.

Read on for a link to an in-depth guide on creating a custom connector as well as a few notes on the topic.