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Month: July 2022

The Print Operator in KQL

Robert Cain continues a series on KQL:

In this post we’ll cover the print operator. This Kusto operator is primarly used as a development tool, to test calculations.

The samples in this post will be run inside the LogAnalytics demo site found at This demo site has been provided by Microsoft and can be used to learn the Kusto Query Language at no cost to you.

Importantly, this is an operator and not a statement. This is in contrast to languages like T-SQL.

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Power BI as an Enterprise Data Warehouse

James Serra follows Betteridge’s Law of Headlines:

With Power BI continuing to get many great new features, including the latest in Datamarts (see my blog Power BI Datamarts), I’m starting to hear customers ask “Can I just build my entire enterprise data warehouse solution in Power BI”? In other words, can I just use Power BI and all its built-in features instead of using Azure Data Lake Gen2, Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Synapse, Databricks, etc? The short answer is “No”.

Read on to understand why Power BI shouldn’t be your data warehouse.

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When Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization Works

Erik Darling ends on a high note:

I’ve used this proc as an example in the past. It’s a great parameter sniffing demo.

Why is it great? Because there’s exactly one value in the Posts table that causes an issue. It causes that issue because someone hated the idea of normalization.

The better thing to do here would be to have separate tables for questions and answers. Because we don’t have those, we end up with a weird scnenario.

Read on for an example of PSP at its best.

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