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Replacing Error Values on All Columns in Power BI

Kristyna Hughes needs to clear out some errors:

End users that are not trained in data governance but are actively involved in maintaining a data set can easily make data entry mistakes or create inconsistent data types within columns. For example, you may have a column in the dataset called “Sales” and instead of 0, someone may type “None” or “NA”. When this gets loaded into Power BI, Power BI will not know how to convert the text value “None” to a number, and it will throw an error on the refresh of the report.

One way to mitigate the impact of user-entered data is to replace errors with null values. This is not ideal since it doesn’t fix the data entry issues, but it does enable reports to still be refreshed and used while the data issues are addressed. In Power Query, you can manually replace the errors with null by going to the “Transform” tab then selecting the drop down for “Replace Values” and choosing “Replace Errors”.

Click through for a script which does this for all columns in Power Query.