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Movie Color Swaps in R

Mark White does some coloration switcharoos:

I also love film, and I started thinking about ways I could generate color palettes from films that use color beautifully. There are a number of packages that can generate color palettes from images in R, but I wanted to try writing the code myself.

I also wanted to not just generate a color palette from an image, but then swapping it with a different color palette from a different film. This is similar to neural style transfer with TensorFlow, but much simpler. I’m one of those people that likes to joke how OLS is undefeated; I generally praise the use of simpler models over more complex ones. So instead of a neural network, I use k-means clustering to transfer a color palette of one still frame from a film onto another frame from a different movie.

There are some interesting outcomes in the post, including a mashup of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s color scheme onto Arrival, as well as Kill Bill and Dr. Strangelove. The latter reminds me of a still from the credits sequence to a 1970s movie. H/T R-Bloggers.