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Code Formatting Holy Wars

Tom Zika and I are on opposite sides:

So I’ll take it one step further.
I’ll never use semicolons unless I have to.

Tools like Redgate’s SQL Prompt can add semicolons automatically, but I still won’t do it.

My quick thoughts:

  • Semi-colons? Love them. The chaotic neutral part of me wants to see Microsoft make good on their deprecation notice of code lacking semi-colons just to watch the world burn.
  • Commas go at the end because we are not barbarians.
  • Aliases should be short and sufficiently meaningful within the context of the statement. Tom and I agree here.
  • PascalCase is the best case.
  • INNER JOIN instead of JOIN because, again, we are not barbarians. LEFT OUTER JOIN instead of LEFT JOIN because, well, you guessed it.

And at the end of the day, consistency and readability are the most important things…though I’ll fight for my aesthetics like I’m the third monkey in line for Noah’s Ark and brother, it’s starting to rain.