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Performance Gains with LAG and LEAD

Ronen Ariely provides a solution:

However, the answer in this specific case was not optimal. Unfortunately in most cases in the forums, most people that come to ask a question, do not care about learning but only about the solution, even so in my opinion the road is just as important as the end point. The road (the learning) is what will help the person to solve the next issue and not just the current one – teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…

The op marked the answer he got and I assume that from his point of view the discussion ended, but I wanted to present the solution which might be tens time better in some cases, which is what I will do in this post…. so let’s start

I won’t dive too deeply into Ronen’s philosophical argument—you can definitely read about that in the post. I will say I am sympathetic to the argument at the margin and believe it’s worthwhile to know the superior solution.