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Coding Style in R

Maelle Salmon and Chrisophe Dervieux share some guidance on coding style:

Do you indent your code with one tab, two spaces, or eight spaces? Do you feel strongly about the location of the curly brace closing a function definition? Do you have naming preferences? You probably have picked up some habits along the way. In any case, having some sort of consistency in coding style will help those who read the code to understand, fix or enhance it. In this post, we shall share some resources about coding style, useful tools, and some remarks on etiquette.

It is pretty funny how picky we can be about coding style at the margins but ultimately, the primary goal of a coding style should be to give future maintainers as easy a time as possible in troubleshooting the code you write. This makes consistency the most important consideration. After that, there’s a lot of good advice in the post.