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Spools, Plus Memory Grants

Erik Darling continues looking at plan operators. Erik starts with spools:

Spools are temporary structures that get stuck over in tempdb. They’re a bit like temp tables, though they don’t have any of the optimizations and enhancements. For example, loading data into a spool is a row-by-row operation.

The structure that spools use varies a bit. Table spools use a “clustered index”, but it’s not built on any of the columns in your data. Index spools use the same thing, but it’s defined on columns in your data that the optimizer thinks would make some facet of the query faster.

Definitely a must-read and a good way of explaining things. In my words, spools aren’t necessarily a problem but if you have a problem, spools are often at the root.

Erik Darling is also Overdrawn at the Memory Bank:

Whoever called memory a “bank” was a smart cookie. Everything you get from RAM is a loan.

In SQL Server, queries can get memory loaned to them while they execute. The most common reasons for memory grants are Sorts and Hashes. You may also see them for an Optimized Nested Loops Join, but whatever.

Memory is such an important aspect of query and overall server performance that it really helps to understand when there’s pressure on it, and where it’s coming from.

Check out both.