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Not Optimizing for Ad Hoc Workloads

Erik Darling continues a thread:

A few weeks back, my friend Randolph (B|T) and I collaborated a bit on a blog post about Optimize For Ad Hoc Workloads.

Now that I’m a Microsoft Approved Blogger™️ and you all have to take me Very Seriously™️, I’d like to make a few of the points here in my own words, though I highly suggest reading Randolph’s post because it’s much better.

Randolph writes for a living. I’m just a consultant with some free time.

Click through for Erik’s thoughts. Before reading Randolph and Erik’s posts, my figuring on it was that it didn’t hurt and could help, so “on” was a good default. These posts lay out a good reason why the former isn’t true and the latter is less likely than it seems.