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Goals in Power BI

Gogula Aryalingam takes us through Power BI goals:

The feature is currently in preview, introduced some 8 months ago, and has quite a lot of promise. For me, it is particularly exciting since I am working with a large customer, who is a perfect candidate to implement goals for. So, what is Goals in Power BI?

Let us take a quick scenario first: Organizations, regularly (if not frequently) monitor indicators of their business performance to ensure their goals and aspirations are met. Sometimes these aspirations are difficult to keep track of due to various complexities. Consider a goal called Reduce employee turnover and increase satisfaction (something that I picked up from here). To effectively understand and track its progress, the organization would probably have a few key performance indicators (KPIs) that make it easy to look at reducing employee turnover and increasing satisfaction objectively. One such KPI could be a low human capital Turnover Rate while another could be a high Employee Satisfaction Indicator. Collectively these KPIs will help determine the achievement of the goal within a stipulated period (such as a calendar year). Similarly an organization will have many goals that are aligned to organizational KPIs or metrics. Sometimes, certain KPIs/metrics may cascade down the organization’s departments, where each department’s performance determine the overall organizational performance.

Read on to see how Goals work and one use case involving KPIs.