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Tools for Data Modeling

Rayis Imayev shares information on a few database modeling tools:

A picture is worth a thousand words, the same way a visual database schema is better than a database model communicated by a multitude of data scripting text objects.

Someone may spend a significant amount of time trying to describe all the database tables’ attributes, constraints and relationships between tables with words while a visual Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) may only take a few minutes (or seconds) to tell the same story.

There are different and similar tools available to help you to create these visual ERD artifacts. The more visual appeal those tools may demonstrate, the fewer efforts would be required to add new information by keyboard-typing. Visual drag-drop experience will prevail, and only to type explicit list of attributes/types/etc. of your data model entities, that’s where your keyboard-typing skills will still be necessary.

Click through for reviews of several tools, ranging from free to expensive.