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Deprecated Features to Ignore

Aaron Bertrand begins a series:

The issue in this specific case is that they spent that time contemplating a decision based on incomplete information. Are those I/Os reads or writes? If the user has an open transaction and has merely read a lot of data, there is far less impact in rolling that transaction back than if they have changed a lot of data. So, instead of sys.sysprocesses, let’s see what the more modern DMV, sys.dm_exec_sessions, can show us about this session:

On a slightly different topic, Mala Mahadevan looks at old but not-deprecated features, some of which you shouldn’t use:

I am part of a weekly talk show we run at the TriPASS user group, called ‘Shop Talk’. Shop Talk was the brainchild of Kevin Feasel, our key user group lead..we meet on a bi weekly basis and discuss random tech topics related to sql server. Some of these are questions from our audience, and some are just ideas for discussion that one of us come up with. I am constantly amazed and grateful for how much I learn by being part of this show – from my co hosts and from the very intelligent audience we are blessed with. Last week, we discussed Brent Ozar’s blog post on ‘What SQL Server Feature Do You Wish Would Go Away?’. The recording of our discussion (this topic starts around 26:00) is here.

And if you want a quick synopsis of the last link, I have the notes from each episode of Shop Talk, including the one Mala references.