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DAX and Case Sensitivity

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari talk about case sensitivity:

Every new language defines its own rules of case-sensitivity. R and Python are case-sensitive, DAX is not. It is not that one is right and the others are not; it is really a matter of personal taste of the author of the language. We would say that there is an equal number of pros and cons in both choices. Therefore, there is no definitive choice. That said, a choice needs to be made on two aspects: the language itself and the way it considers strings. Pascal, for example, is case-insensitive as a language, but string comparison is case-sensitive. The M language, in Power Query, is case-sensitive despite living in the same environment as DAX. DAX is case-insensitive as a formula language. 

Maybe it’s because I like living in the SQL world so much, but I highly prefer case-insensitivity as the default and case-sensitivity only when necessary.