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Searching Text which Begins with a Wildcard

Chad Callihan is looking for some data:

Searching for a value or group of values with a wildcard is more than just putting a % on both sides of a text string. If you know you’re looking for all strings in a name field that start with the name “Chad” then you are you really shooting yourself in the foot by using ‘%Chad%’ instead of ‘Chad%’ in your query. SQL Server is going to be scanning the table instead of being able to use an index to seek to the data. While that may work to get your result, it’s likely going to take longer and be more invasive than needed. I want to go through an example of how using a reversed column can improve SQL Server’s ability to build a better execution plan.

Read on to see how a computed reversal column can help. For more complex scenarios, an n-gram table (for example, a trigram) might help, though there’s a lot of setup involved there.