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More Number Series Generators

Itzik Ben-Gan continues a series:

This is the second part in a series about solutions to the number series generator challengeLast month I covered solutions that generate the rows on the fly using a table value constructor with rows based on constants. There were no I/O operations involved in those solutions. This month I focus on solutions that query a physical base table that you pre-populate with rows. For this reason, beyond reporting the time profile of the solutions like I did last month, I’ll also report the I/O profile of the new solutions. Thanks again to Alan Burstein, Joe Obbish, Adam Machanic, Christopher Ford, Jeff Moden, Charlie, NoamGr, Kamil Kosno, Dave Mason, John Nelson #2 and Ed Wagner for sharing your ideas and comments.

Read on for three more solutions, as well as a re-evaluation of the solutions in the first article.