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Importing Graph Data into SQL Server

Louis Davidson takes us through an interesting problem:

The problem was, if I wanted to recreate this graph in data, I had to type in a bunch of SQL statements (something I generally enjoy to a certain point, but one of my sample files cover the geography of Disney World, and it would take a very long time to manually type that into a database as it took quite a while just to do one section of the park). 

So I went hunting for a tool to do this for me, but ended right back with yEd. The default file type when you save in yEd is GraphML, which is basically some pretty complex XML that was well beyond my capabilities using XML in SQL or Powershell. Realistically I don’t care that much about anything other than just the nodes and edges, and what I found was that you can save graphs in the tool a format named Trivial Graph Format (TGF).

Click through to see it in action.