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Pruning Indexes on a Table

John McCormack takes us through an index pruning exercise:

Your SQL Server indexes can’t always be perfect. What I mean by that is you can’t index for every query on a busy SQL server. In this post I’m going to describe just one table from a server I have been tuning recently. It had 26 indexes, and that was not unusual for this database. This most likely happened over time as a result of developers creating an index per query using the table, as well as following some perceived best practices (with the best of intentions).

John got it down from 26 to 11 and shares thoughts on how. If you have that many separate indexes, it most likely stems from a failure in normalization—it’s uncommon that a properly-described table has that many unique access patterns. And that will often lead you to a hard floor which includes more indexes than you’d like without reimagining the table and going through a lot of developer pain.