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Using the Vertipaq Analyzer with DAX Studio

Gilbert Quevauvilliers walks us through the Vertipack Analyzer in DAX Studio:

If you are looking to better understand your Power BI Model, how big are your tables, which column is taking up the most space then you can use Vertipaq analyzer which is built directly into the amazing DAX studio.

If you are looking for a video on how to do this, there are some awesome videos found here.

SQLBI.COM – Introducing VertiPaq Analyzer in DAX Studio

Guy In a Cube – How do you even use VertiPaq Analyzer with Power BI???

The reason for my blog post, is that I find sometimes I want to watch a video to better understand the content, and other times I want to follow a step by step process on how complete the analysis.

Click through for a walkthrough of the process.