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Purging the SSIS Catalog

Peter Schott extends Tim Mitchell’s work:

I wrote about cleaning up the SSIS Catalog a while back, but needed to revisit this recently for a different use and needed something that can run in an ongoing manner. My earlier post still works, but I recently adapted some code from Tim Mitchell to create a stored procedure that can do that cleanup. Tim wrote the majority of this. I adapted it to wrap it in a stored procedure to handle varying batch sizes for the deletes as well as to ensure all of the tables are deleted in smaller sets of rows.

Here is the code to create the stored procedure. If your SSIS Catalog is not named SSISDB, adjust accordingly.

Click through for the script. It’s interesting to note how frequently cleanup processes for functionality in SQL Server is inadequate for the task at scale. I’ve regularly seen people write these sorts of things for SSISDB, Query Store, replication, ML Services (though that, at least, was changed), etc.