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Combining CSV Files in Power BI

Stephanie Bruno shows us a method for combining CSV or Excel files:

One of the unsung heroes to me in Power BI desktop (or Power Query in Excel) is how wonderfully simple it is to combine csv or Excel files from a folder. Maybe it’s not totally unsung, but I think it’s an everyday problem that many people have to deal with. It could easily be an entry point for many new users to see just how much easier Power Query can make their lives.

As much as I appreciate how easy the tool allows us to automatically combine files without having to write any code, I never like all those extra queries that get created in my file and so I prefer to simplify it by just writing one magical little line of code. But I always got frustrated because my one line of code left me without proper column headers, so my one line of code turned into a few extra cumbersome steps. In this post, I’ll show you how to slightly modify that one line of code to get the column headers and keep your queries clean and simple.

Click through for a demo.