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Memory-Optimized Table Types to Avoid tempdb Contention

Michael J. Swart uses In-Memory OLTP:

At D2L, we’re the perfect candidate customer for In Memory OLTP features, but we’ve held off adopting those features for years. Our servers handle tons of super quick but super frequent queries and so we find ourselves trying to address the same scaling challenges we read about in Microsoft’s customer case studies.

But there’s only one In Memory feature in particular that I care about. It’s the Memory Optimized Table Types. Specifically, I’ve always wanted to use that feature to avoid tempdb object allocation contention. Recently I finally got my chance with a lot of success. So even though I could say I’m happy with In Memory features, I think it’s more accurate to say that I feel relieved at having finally squashed my tempdb issues.

We’ve used memory-optimized table types for a couple of years to solve exactly this problem and the plan was pretty much the same as what Michael put into action.