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SQL Server Management Studio 18.7

Drew Skwiers-Koballa announces SQL Server Management Studio version 18.7 is now generally available:

Policy-based management is accessed in SQL Server Management Studio under “Management” in the object explorer as “Policy Management”. Getting started with policy-based management can be accelerated by importing the sample policies available for SQL Server. In September, these policies were added to the open source collection of SQL Server samples to facilitate their use and improvement. You can access these sample policies on the GitHub repository and your contributions to these best practices are welcome. For more information on Policy-Based Management, please check out the documentation.

I think Policy-Based Management is one of the biggest missed opportunities in SQL Server. They came out with a good start in 2008 but the product stagnated after that and it remains under-utilized as a result. Perhaps open-sourcing the policies will help, as the key problem with PBM was how limited it was.