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Monitoring Storage Metrics

Robert Sheldon continues a series on storage concepts for the DBA:

When monitoring storage systems, engineers should track a variety of metrics to ensure the systems continue to meet application requirements. Three of the most important and commonly cited metrics are latency, I/O operations per second (IOPS), and throughput. In addition to these three, queue length and I/O splitting can also provide valuable insights into storage performance.

In this article, I discuss all five of these metrics and demonstrate them in action. Despite my focus on these five, they’re not the only important metrics to monitor. For example, engineers should also track storage capacity, device cache usage, controller operations, and storage networks. Even seemingly unrelated components can be a factor, such as low CPU utilization, which can indicate that the processor is waiting on storage to complete requests from the application.

Robert also shows off the new perfmon, which may or may not be better than Perfmon Classic.