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Find and Modify File Growth Settings Across Databases

Lori Brown has a challenge:

To some of you out there, that many databases might not be a big deal.  To me, it is a big deal.  That many databases can cause many admin tasks to take a very long time.  One such task is to review all databases to make sure that they are not growing their files by 1MB or 10 Percent, especially the transaction log files.  I find those default settings to not be a good thing generally, and have learned to set files to grow by specified amounts if auto growth needs to occur.  I also try to manually grow data files during maintenance periods but we all know that auto growth happens.

So…how do we find out if our databases have 1MB or 10 Percent file growth set up?

Click through for a script which finds default-sized databases, as well as a script to fix them.