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Using Perspectives in Power BI

Mark Lelijveld walks us through something new in Power BI Desktop’s August 2020 update:

If you work or used to work with Analysis Services, you might know the perspectives functionality. It is a feature inside tabular modelling that allows you to define viewable subsets of a data model.

Each tabular model can include multiple perspectives, where each perspective can include a subset of tables, columns a measures. Especially with large enterprise models, perspectives can be very useful.

With perspectives, you can define specific perspectives to be defines for a specific target audience. For example, the author can create logical subsets of the model for each audience of the dataset. (e.g. Sales, Finance, Marketing, etc.) One thing must clear, perspectives are not object level security or any other kind of security! It is just a better way to view it.

Read on to see how you can create and work with these in Power BI Desktop.