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Triggers and Isolation Levels

Louis Davidson walks us through a tricky problem:

Writing data integrity code in TRIGGER objects is generally is pretty simple. Typically you write a query to see “is there a row in inserted/deleted that is not set up as desired for the current transaction?” and no bad data is found, keep moving. And because MOST of the time, you would only use a TRIGGER object where transactions are quick coupled with the reality that a lot of the issues like I will describe would have to occur within milliseconds… concurrency issues seem to rarely occur. But…anything that isn’t impossible, is possible. Because of the rarity of the issue, if your code isn’t running a life of death system, when the anomalies happen, they are brushed off as “just something weird occurred”. 

This blog will cover one such weird occurrence that can happen when your trigger validation code queries another table in the default isolation level. You expect that your data is protected until your transaction ends, but it may not be.

Do read the whole thing.