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Modifying Graph Edges with T-SQL

Louis Davidson shows how you can update edges in SQL Server’s graph functionality:

As I have been writing a section on SQL Server graph tables in my Database Design book, (and prepping for a hopeful book on the subject next year), I find that there are a few really annoying things about dealing with graph tables. This blog serves to clear up the first, most annoying of them. Inserting, updating, and deleting edges.

Because the key values in the graph database structures are hidden, you can’t just insert a new edge without translating your table’s key values to the graph database internal values. Edges aren’t even available for an update of the from or to references. As I wrote stored procedures to do this, I realized “why not use a view and trigger to make this happen”. So I did. The result is that I can insert, delete, and even update graph tables using normal SQL syntax. What makes this better than the stored procedure is that I can insert multiple rows simultaneously.

Read on to see what this entails.