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Using Docker Desktop on WSL2

Chris Taylor walks us through updating Docker Desktop for Windows to support Windows Subsystem for Linux 2:

I won’t go too much into what this is as you can read the article in the links above but to summarise, this will improve the experience of docker on windows:

– Improvements in resource consumption
– Starting up docker daemon is significantly quicker (Docker says 10s as opposed to ~1min previously)
– Avoid having to maintain both Linux and Windows build scripts
– Improvements to file system sharing and boot time
– Allows access to some cool new features for Docker Desktop users.

Some of these are improvements we’ve been crying out for over the last couple of years so in my opinion, they’re a very welcome addition.

In order to get started using WSL2, there’s a couple of steps you need to run through which I’ll try and show below with a few screen shots.

Read on for the process.