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Futureproofing a Power BI Solution

Paul Turley begins a series on doing Power BI the right way:

The purpose of this post is to provide some guidance to help you design Power BI solutions that can survive the journey through these stages with as little “throw-away” design as possible. There will always be prototyping and redesign in any project but if you follow proven design patterns and lessons learned from prior experience, you’ll have a much better chance of building a reporting solution that will endure.

Oh, I should mention this… the difference between item #1 (the simple prototype) and #2 (working proof-of-concept) is that you need to throw away the first one – and anything else that doesn’t lay a foundation that you can build on top of. This is a hard lesson but one that will pay off by helping our teams, sponsors and business stakeholders understand that we can proceed after laying down solid bricks (based on well-defined functional and technical requirements) to build the rest of the solution.

That italicized part was important enough for me to call it out. Far too often we develop proofs of concept which work well enough for a demo, and then the next question is “Great, when will it be in production?”