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Using Dynamic Datasets in Power BI

Jose Mendes implements the screening pattern in Power BI:

I recently came across the need to build a screening pattern based on the Kimball “Screening” concept. One of the desired outputs was a Power BI report that allowed a data steward to easily identify the failed screen, drill down to the detail and show the row(s) rejected by the data quality rule. To achieve this goal, I had to mimic in Power BI an SSRS functionality called dynamic dataset, which allowed me to, using a single matrix, show different source columns based on a selected screen. Feeling curious already? Then, let’s dive into the details.

A screen is designed to operate on a single input file or database table and contains the data quality condition to check. For example, there could be a Missing Customer Postcode screen which would test for any customers who are missing a postcode.

Read on for an implementation.