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Monitoring Identity Columns

Michael J. Swart has a script to monitor identity columns:

My friend pointed out an interesting RCA by Github where a

database table’s auto-incrementing ID column exceeded [maxint]. When we attempted to insert larger integers into the column, the database rejected the value

This led to a discussion about setting up monitoring for this kind of problem in our software. We have a place for monitoring and health-checks for all our databases. We just need to know how to define them.

So how do I create a script that reports any tables whose current identity values are above a certain threshold? This is what I came up with. Maybe you’ll find it useful too.

Click through for the script, but also read the comments for a simplification. The next step in the process is to figure out which tables can handle it and auto-reseed when you get to a certain threshold. Most commonly, this would be queue tables, where the active set of IDs in use is a relatively small number and there are no ID stragglers hanging around, so resetting is safe.