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Showing Dates in Reverse Order on a Matrix

Gilbert Quevauvilliers solves an annoyance:

While doing some work I had a matrix that I had created. What I found was that when I had more Yr-Month values that could fit in the matrix due to having the scroll bar it would show me the older Yr-Months and not the latest ones as shown below.

I always like to think what the experience would be like for the report consumer. And if I was using this report to have to scroll each and every time to see the latest data would be a pain to say the least.

What I came up with was a relatively easy solution but made the reporting experience that much better. Where it will display the Yr-Months in descending order (The current month first)

Below are the steps I completed to achieve this.

By default I like to have dates moving from left to right, as it’s easier for a native-English speaking environment to interpret time that way. But in cases like Gilbert’s, I’d rather have glanceability, seeing the most important data without any sort of scrolling, clicking, zooming, or manual operation. The ideal might be to have the tool give us the option to start scrolled all the way to the right, but in lieu of that, Gilbert provides a nice second-best solution.