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Local Variables with TOP and ORDER BY

Erik Darling points out issues with using local variables. First up is with TOP:

In case you missed it for some reason, check out this post of mine about local variables. Though it’s hard to imagine how you missed it, since it’s the single most important blog post ever written, even outside of SQL Server. It might even be more important than SQL Server. Time will tell.

While live streaming recently about paging queries, I thought that it might make an interesting post to see what happens when you use variables in places other than the where clause.

After several seconds of thinking about it, I decided that TOP would be a good enough place to muck around.

After that is ORDER BY:

I see this kind of pattern a lot in paging queries where people are doing everything in their power to avoid writing dynamic SQL for some reason.

It’s almost as if an entire internet work of SQL Server knowledge and advice doesn’t exist when they’re writing these queries.

Quite something. Quite something indeed.

I’d call out Erik’s ORDER BY examples by saying “C’mon, nobody does that!” if I hadn’t actually seen people do that…