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Creating a New Container from a SQL Server on Windows Dockerfile

Jamie Wick continues a series on SQL Server and Windows containers:

The docker build command sends the contents of the working directory, along with a dockerfile, to the Docker daemon, as a build context, to create the new image. A dockerfile is a plain text file that contains the name of a (base) image, along with a set of instructions for modifying the image. By default, the dockerfile is assumed to be in the root of the working directory, but a separate location can be specified using the -f parameter in the build command. Additionally, the -t parameter can be used to specify a repository and tag for the new image. Finally, the working directory can be specified using a Path or URL. In the example below, the current directory (.) is being used as the working directory (the docker build command is being run at the root level of the working directory).

Read on for examples.