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The Table Scan Operator

Hugo Kornelis dives into a common operator:

The Table Scan operator is used to read all or most data from a table that has no clustered index (also known as a heap table, or just as a heap). In combination with a Top operator, it can also be used to read just a few rows from a heap table when data order is irrelevant and there is no nonclustered index that covers all required columns.

The basic behavior of a Table Scan operator is very similar to that of the Index Scan operator when it chooses to do an IAM scan, but with a few very important differences. A heap table has no root, intermediate, and leaf level pages; it has data pages only. Each page read from the IAM is a data page and can be processed. But rows on a data page of a heap table can contain forwarding pointers, that cause out of order data access.

I’d say something like “I hope you don’t have too many table scans” because that means a lot of heaps, though given the use of temp tables without clustered indexes, even that statement failed the nuance test.