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Incremental Refresh of Any Power BI Data Source

Gilbert Quevauvilliers wants incrementally to refresh all the sources:

The pattern that I am talking about is the following below, which will be used as my example below.

– Connect to a data source which can query fold.
> In my example I have installed and configured an Azure SQL Serverless DB
> In this database I have a date table.
– Configure date table to use Incremental refreshing as per the blog post
> Incremental refresh in Power BI
– Create a function which will then use the Date value as part of the parameter
> In my example I have got CSV files which have Exchange rate information from Azure Blob Storage.
> The file names of the CSV files is the date.
– Invoke the Function within the date table to extract the required information.

I know what you might be thinking, that as soon as I add in the column with the function it breaks the Query Folding. That is what I thought too.

The great news is that Incremental refreshing DOES STILL WORK!

Read on for the demonstration.