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Building a Docker Container of a SQL Server Database

I have a post showing how to turn a database in SQL Server into a Docker container:

Today, we’re going to go through the process of turning a database you’ve built into a Docker container. Before we get started, here are the expectations:

1. I want a fully running copy of SQL Server with whatever database I’m using, as well as key components installed.
2. I want this not to be on a persistent volume. In other words, when I destroy the container and create a new one from my image, I want to reset back to the original state. I’m using this for technical demos, where I want to be at the same starting point each time.
3. I want this to be as easy as possible for users of my container. I consider the use of a container here as not particularly noteworthy in and of itself, so the more time I make people think trying to set up my demo environment, the more likely it is that people will simply give up.

With that preamble aside, let’s get to work!

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